About us

Outstanding service, impeccable offer and attention to every detail. Appreciation towards guests and a passion for what we do. We are one of the largest groups of hospitality enterprises in Latvia, combining our efforts to give all of our guests an unforgettable adventure.

For more than 10 years already, guests from near and far keep on returning to our cherished cafes and restaurants in Liepāja and all around Latvia. We have been a reliable partner in organising smaller and larger events for quite a long time.

It is important for us that everyone is in the best mood possible when visiting us, thus we try to create a festive feeling every day. Life is like a celebration and every moment counts; you just have to go along with it!

With a smile


  • Food

    On days when you wish to enjoy our delicious meals at home or somewhere else outside of our premises, it is possible to order a delivery.


    Olive, Čili Pizza.

  • Banquets on
    the premises

    We can adapt to the needs of every customer, taking into account the theme and the budget of the event. Long-lasting experience and professional personnel.


    Barons, Olive, Lotte Caffe, Teātra kafejnīca, Cukurfabrik'.

  • Banquets on
    the road

    Our team of professionals is able to serve more than a thousand guests depending on the theme and budget of the event. Our long-lasting experience makes it possible to ensure the best service possible. Our services are also available outside of Liepāja.


    Barons, Lotte Caffe.

  • Off-site

    An ideal option for city festivals, sports games and fairs, offering fresh food prepared on the spot. We are able to provide several sales points at the same time. Extensive experience and a professional approach.


    Lotte Caffe.

  • Business

    We offer lunches for all tastes every working day, giving special attention to seasonal products. Quick, tasty and inexpensive!


    Barons, Olive, Lotte Caffe, Čili Pizza.

  • Table

    For larger, as well as smaller groups. We also offer special table decorations by working together with florists and decorators.


    Barons, Teātra kefejnīca, Olive, Cukurfabrik'.

  • Events

    From house music evenings on the beach with the best DJs of Latvia over the summer to special gourmet dinners, wine tastings and various master classes.


    Barons, Olive, Cukurfabrik', Čili Pizza

  • Group

    Available at our restaurants and cafes, as well as on the road. For athletes, participants of various camps and seminars. From coffee breaks with snacks to lunches with several dishes.


    Lotte Caffe, Čili Pizza.

Our team

  • Monta Magone

    Member of the Board

  • Daiga Ekšteina

    Commercial Director

  • Sandra Rukute

    HR Manager

  • Kristīne Galviņa

    Chief Technologist

  • Sanita Trjaščenko

    Chief Accountant

  • Daiga Veismane

    Creative Director

  • Toms Zukulis

    Marketing Manager